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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> no, it works. this made its way from hofstra to here. it's like the sisterhood of the traveling selfie stick. i finally got it back from you. hallie, thanks. lancers, hello. let's get to work. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts and it is the face-off in farmville. it's a big afternoon here. we're live on the campus of longwood university, host site for the vice presidential debate in the old dough minimum yan. at willett hall the stage is set for the wingman's fight night. in the right corner we have mike pence facing a mission impossible, making the case for donald trump after days of negative headlines. how? we may have gotten a preview during a rally last night here in virginia. >> it is kind of funny. sometimes it's like -- it's like almost every day they come up with something new and different. now we got him, right? now he said this. we can parse that. are you with me? he tweeted this.
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and they think they finally got him. and then they turn on the television the next morning and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the american people. this [ bleep ] really is fun to watch, i tell you what. it is fun to watch. in the loeft corner, tim kaine, he has home field advantage here in virginia. his goal, to keep the spotlight on trump with hillary clinton rolling out a new video today tying trump to pence. >> you didn't call david duke deplorable? >> i don't play that game? >> will you condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists? >> i don't know about white supremacists so i don't know. >> so, these two men are tasked with do no harm, reassure their ticket supporters and attract
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elusive, undecided voters with just 35 days to go. and kaine and pence only have one shot. tonight's debate, to do all of this. our correspondents are fanned out across this campus. with the candidates on the campaign trail as well, msnbc's kasie hunt has been on and off the trail, covering the clinton campaign for us. getting a shout out from the lancers here. kasie, this is the one and only night for the vice presidential men, pence and kaine, to make a big impression. team clinton given a gift of kelly ayotte, who was on the debate stage and she affirmed trump is a role model. now she's trying to change the record. >> would you tell them to be like donald trump? would you point to him as a role model? >> well, i think that certainly there are many role models that we have. and i believe he can serve as president, so absolutely. >> so, now ayotte is saying she misspoke.
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so, is tim kaine armed now with something to use against mike pence to go directly after donald trump with that? >> this is the way they -- the clinton campaign has been trying to paint donald trump all the way along. if you look at what they've been saying from the very beginning, even separating trump out from other republicans saying that this is not the same as conservatism. they have an ad up, you may have seen it with the little girls looking in the mirror and listening to some of the things donald trump has said about women. kelly ayotte and some other republicans down the ballot are under similar pressure. i think the tactic the clinton campaign is using, is to try to make mike pence seem like donald trump. seem not like a normal republican, which i have to tell you is a little bit -- as someone who has covered pence for a long time, when he was in congress, is a little dissident. i'm not sure i ever would hear mike pence swear in public. he's a polite guy. >> a straight arrow. >> to a certain extent he seems to be getting on the trump
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campaign in that way. >> we know his mom is a big influence in his life. she might be sending him an e-mail today. kristen welker traveling with the campaign today. tim kaine has a lot on his shoulders as he tries to keep this fire. we hear now more from hillary clinton as she started off this week on all fence. right now the battleground polls are on her side. what are you hearing from inside the campaign about what they expect tonight out otim kaine? >> well, there's no doubt they like what they see in these new polls, thomas. i'll get to the polls in just a minute. in terms of what they are expecting tonight, i think two things. they want tim kaine to go after mike pence for some of the controversial comments that donald trump has made, not only in this past week, but throughout the duration of his campaign, so i think you're going to hear about some of his controversial comments about women. and also, of course, the issue of his taxes with that bombshell report in "the new york times." today at her event here in pennsylvania, a key part of the pennsylvania suburbs -- the
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philadelphia suburbs, i should say, secretary clinton talked about her plans for paid family leave, affordable college and what she calls common sense gun safety reform. all of these issues which resonate with families and women voters, those critical voters who are going to be important for her to win a state like pennsylvania, which is her fire wall, because if donald trump can't win here, it's going to be really tough for him to win the white house. she had sharp words for donald trump as well. she asked how she would mitigate some of the harmful comments he has made about women. he said it's about taking him on head-on and really calling him out, particularly trying to stop, as she called it, the bullying. really teeing up what we might hear from tim kaine tonight. in terms of the polls that tim kaine has heading into his first and only vp debate, secretary clinton has opened up a lead after her debate. the national polls, survey monkey shows her leading 50% to 44%. cbs shows her with 49% to 43%.
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the latest cnn/orc poll shows her with 51% to 45%. here in pennsylvania a monmouth poll just out today shows her with a ten-point lead. if you look at the battleground states she's leading in almost all of them with the exception of ohio. ohio will be one of her toughest battlegrounds. no doubt about that. secretary clinton and her su surrogates out in force. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders hitting the battleground states. we're heading on to harrisburg, secretary clinton's firewall, so expect to see a lot of action here between now and election day, thomas. >> kristen welker, thanks so much. kelly o'donnell is here on the campus of longwood university. when we look at these numbers, staggering, 33% to 40% of voters don't even know the name, tim kaine and mike pence. don't know much about these guys. both around the same age, married, sons in the marines, both open about their faith.
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i know you have new reporting about how both these candidates are prepping for tonight. >> reporter: well, thomas, they have the challenge that any running mate has. known well in their home states but now the country has to be introduced to them. tonight they're going to have a chance to do two things. one, speak on behalf of their running mate and the other to try to talk about their own views. i've been talking with sources in both campaigns and from the tim kaine side they're saying that he's an experienced debater but he's never done this before, having to advocate on behalf of someone else, her record, her story. that's a challenge. they believe mike pence has a bigger challenge tonight because they say the momentum has shifted toward the clinton/kaine side of things and not so much towards trump because of the things we've been reporting on. does this open a door for pence? from the tim kaine perspective, monday was a big prep day. a little color, he had his favorite barbecue at the end of a long day of preparation.
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we know donald trump didn't do the mock kind of debates but mike pence did. he's experienced in this as well, former radio host, so he's very comfortable in front of the camera and with message discipline. i was also told there were people very close to mike pence that somehow missed that expletive that got played earlier in our show from the campaign trail. that got by them. they weren't aware it happened until some of the reporting today. his preparation has been serious, they say, and he wants to focus on the records of both men as governors. kaine formerly the governor of virginia, currently the senator. indiana governor mike pence talking about taxes, talking about their records. expect some issues tonight. people have complained this has been an issue-free, policy-free campaign season. tonight we might here some actual issues, some actual policy and maybe not as much of the brb throwing that we've seen at other points in the campaign. thomas? >> well, i think for a lot of
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people bleep happens, kelly, so we can forgive governor pence for that moment. joining me is alabama senator jeff sessions here on set with me. he's one of the most prominent and active trump supporters in congress. i know you've been close with trump through the primary campaign into the general election. tonight we have mike pence coming on this debate stage. his number one challenge will be defending donald trump after the 3:00 a.m. tweets, attacking miss universe, talking about his past comments on women, the news he lost nearly $1 billion in the mid-1990s and may not have paid taxes for 18 years. how do you defend those things? >> i don't think that's what he needs to talk about. he needs to be talking about donald trump's challenge to the wrong track we're on, his absolute commitment to serve the interest of the american people by 3 to 1 margin they believe we're on the wrong track. he believes trade policy that i've come to understand is
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negative for working americans, wages are down. how can we turn this country around? he needs to be focused on that. and i think he will be. >> mike pence supported ttp and supported certain projects with nafta and other trade deals, so he's had to comport himself into the donald trump message. is that going to be -- >> well, hillary clinton, you know, said it was the gold standard, ttp, for trade deals. i voted for every trade deal that's come down the pipe since i've been in the senate. i've been evaluating the numbers, thomas, and they're not good. we promised in the korean trade deal the last big one in 2011 it would increase exports by 10 billion, exports to korea are down, not up. their exports to us have gone up 15 billion and we more than doubled the trade doef sit. there are flaws in the way these accountants and special interests are advocating for these treaties. donald trump has been consistent in questioning them. hillary clinton has supported them. >> so donald trump last night
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was talking about the tax issue which he hasn't confirmed or denied was his real tax return. this is how he defended them. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly used those laws. >> so, he did not break any laws. they have not confirmed this to be his real tax filing from 1995, but how is that supposed to fly with average americans who have been paying into our federal system with their taxes and say a policeman and a teacher are paying so much and we come to find out that donald trump is skating by basically as a federal welfare project almost, that he hasn't contributed. >> well, his problem was, he had big losses in the early 90s. he's written a book about that, "the art of the comeback," he
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acknowledged how he came back from fr that. those losses carry over. if you carry your losses over, you can reduce future income. that's what he did. >> to americans worried about the economy, do they want to take a risk on a business man that lost $1 billion, allegedly, in one year and believe that he can turn around our economy in four years? he's had over 20 years to turn himself around. >> warren buffett -- brilliant warren buffett made bad decisions on stock they lost money on. overwhelmingly he's been successful. those losses built up over a number of years and he claimed them in that year. >> senator for -- >> that's nothing unusual. don't pay taxes if you don't make money. you get to offset -- >> for americans that only get a president trump for four years, how are they supposed to say, this is an investment, this vote is an investment in the next four years and i can trust that this man can handle the economy when he's had 20 years to
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recover over that alleged -- >> he has recovered and done extremely well. he's been a highly successful businessman. he has good accountants that help him through his business taxes, they always audited, pays what he owes. he understands jobs. he understands people working, paying tax on all your other structures and businesses. he is a tremendously qualified business person to make decisions. and he can make decisions. >> you think americans should trust him when it comes to the economy and in four years' time he can do what he promises? >> absolutely i do. >> i want to ask you about kelly ayotte because it was in her debate last night the new hampshire senator was asked about donald trump being a role model and she affirmed that language and him as a role model last night. she's now backing up on that. her opponent is out with a new ad already hitting her on it. take a look.
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so, we don't have the new ad? all right, guys. >> let me say, kelly ayotte is such a great senator. i've enjoyed working with her. we look forward to having her back. >> but do you think that when senator ayotte was confronted about him and she said he's a role model, she's walking that back today, but in the context of when donald trump calls women fat, ugly or dogs, do you think that is role model behavior? >> that is an exaggeration. you know, this miss america, you see the video of him with her, both of them -- he talked about her weight and his weight and she was there. she had a problem with that. they discussed it openly in a very pleasant, smiling partnership as they discussed that. >> but it's not -- >> i just think a lot of this has been exaggerated, thomas. and i think it's unfair. people are trying to change the subject from the problems this country faces and the leadership donald trump offers -- >> well, men and women have to be concerned about how a
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president will treat all americans, whether you support a democrat or republican. this is not so much about the miss universe controversy from 20 years or most recently, but trump has tweeted at arianna huffington, a dog's tweet that was written last year to her. and commented on her looks and also said, fat, ugly face. trump calling rosie o'donnell a slob. i would fire her to her fat, ugly face and claimed she ate like a pig. language like that, is that role model language and behavior? >> let me tell you, people want someone who can turn this country around. someone who will work for the average person for a change, who defends their interests, makes sure we don't bring in more workers than we've got jobs for, make sure that we have our country protected from danger, have our country protected from unfair trade practices. hammering jobs and close factories. they need someone strong to
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alter the course we're on. hillary clinton is business as usual. nothing changes. >> this is not language -- >> you want to talk about language. i want to talk about the future of america. >> but we have to talk about language because this is what the gop -- >> people have and people are going to hear that. i'm just telling you, in the end, the key question is who can get this country moving in the right direction. >> senator jeff session, nice to have you on set here. tonight our special prime time coverage of the vice presidential debate begins with "meet the press daily," 5:00 p.m. our telecast of the debate at 9:00 p.m. and late night coverage with our post-debate team in place right here from longwood university. tonight's microsoft pulse question for you, do you think the debate between pence and kaine will change who you vote for in november? you can weigh in at we'll have the results coming up later in the hour. we remain live here at longwood university in virginia. with a nice looking crowd. they're having a lot of fun.
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up next, the clinton campaign's national press secretary brian fallon joins me from willett hall, that much more ahead from farmville, virginia, as we head to a break. key moment with the first vice presidential female nominee from years ago. >> let me help you with the difference between iran and the embassy in lebanon. iran, we were held by a foreign government. in lebanon you had a wanton terrorist action where the government opposed it. >> let me just say, first of all, that i almost resent vice president bush your patronizing attitude that you have to teach me about foreign policy. this is me, using a wrench to build a jet engine. well we thought ge programmed machines to talk. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally.
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hello? they don't talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. he looks a little ticked off now.
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my opponent insulted miss universe. i mean, how do you get more acclaimed than that? there are too many young women online who are being bullied about how they look and being shamed. >> all right, so there we have hillary clinton talking to a young teen in the audience about what it's like for young women to talk about body-shaming and image in today's society. hillary clinton is talking directly there to the recent controversy between donald trump and miss universe from back in the '90s, machado. we'll see if it comes up as a talking point and debate issue tonight. here on the campus of lookwood university in virginia, it is the one and only vice presidential face-off. this campus, though, founded in 1839. longwood u. is the third oldest
11:22 am
university in the old dominion. they have fall break coming up. so, fun crowd. i was getting to chat with them during the break. now we have on set with me rick tiler, nbc analyst, former communications director with ted cruz's campaign. thank you. >> welcome to my home state of virginia. >> i lived here for two years back in the day. it's a great state. this is where all the heat is tonight. >> it's a beautiful day. >> tweens pence and kaine. we have mike pence recently on the campaign trail, and he used this a lot to say donald trump is a modern day ronald reagan. michael reagan tweeted saying my father would not support this kind of campaign if this is what the republican party wants to -- if this is what the republican party wants, leave us reagans out. nancy would vote for hrc so how can pence begin to honestly make that correlation between pence and trump and should he actually avoid that tonight? >> he might want to avoid it.
11:23 am
michael reagan is part of holding the reagan legacy together. he doesn't like it when people invoke reagan connection to trump. we can't speak for how nancy reagan would actually vote in this election. i'm not sure he should bring that up again. >> there are many issues many running mates don't agree with, and also with donald trump and hillary clinton and pence and kaine. they've been at odds over certain issues with the running mate of donald trump opposing his muslim ban, also in favor of certain trade deals and then we've got tim kaine who is not in favor of abortion because of his faith but is willing to support medical and reproductive rights for women where hillary clinton is a staunch supporter of that. but for a trump candidacy, is there an effective way for pence to explain away a lot of the rhetoric from donald trump
11:24 am
knowing his own voting background and what pence stands for. >> you make a good point. there will be a lot more policy in tonight's debate. no one will be swinging for the fences. you'll see base hits and some doubles, probably not a triple. look, each candidate is going to try to make the other an apologist for their nominee, so tim kaine is going to work hard to get mike pence, who has a very different demeanor from donald trump to try to explain away some of the things donald trump has said. and likewise, pence is going to try to get tim kaine to push him on different positions that hillary clinton has, some which may be contrary to his own. that's also true of pence. that part of the debate should be interesting. >> typically the veep debates is where we see the heat. we'll see if we get that tonight because all the fire has been with the presidential candidates. >> these two candidates are low-key, even keel. i don't think there will be a lot of fireworks but a
11:25 am
substantive debate. >> everything has been a surprise. >> we might be surprised tonight. we know donald trump's taxes, whether or not he pays them. former new york mayor rudy giuliani in cleveland this morning talking about police patrolmen -- with the police patrolmen's association and he made this comment about allegations that trump lost nearly $1 billion while running casinos in atlantic city. take a listen. >> donald trump is an extraordinary man. when i said he was a genius, people said, oh, he had big fax laws and was a genius. here's what i meant by that. very few people come back from something like that. you know the people who come back from that? great men and women. and all great men and women have had great failures. >> so, giuliani has been out front for donald trump on a lot of stories. do you think his name is going to come up tonight, that pence is going to have to defend the more controversial things
11:26 am
giuliani has said? >> i think this message a lot more on message than before. he said poor people don't pay taxes either. that probably wasn't the best line of attack. on the tax thing, i'm not quite sure that's a big thing. it's not possible to pay taxes on a negative return or negative revenue for a company. so these are the tax laws and donald trump used the tax laws. now they're pointing out he's a genius for coming back. there's some truth to that. there's a lot of things i don't agree with donald trump on. but on the tax issue i could definitely have his back on that. why should he have paid more taxes than he was legally -- >> or any taxes for that matter over the last 0 years. rick, thank you so much. we'll see how it comes up tonight in the debate. and remain live at longwood university campus, hours away from the main event for the vice presidential nominees. what are students here saying about this year's presidential horse race? stephanie headed to a sorority
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welcome back. we are live on the campus from virginia's longwood university. these folks are fired up and ready to go for tonight's vice presidential debate. we've got a lot of different signs around here with donald trump, clinton/kaine, gary johnson, a libertarian concert. this is the campus of the lancers, 5,000 students here. they're excited because they get to object a fall break with days coming off. i like this crowd. we're just hours away from mike pence and tim kaine's big evening here in farmville. probably the most high-profile stage either vp nomination has taken. in order for kaine to win, he needs to put pence on defense, forcing pence to own donald
11:31 am
trump's controversial comments. joining me is brian fallon. i know it's a big night for your main man with tim kaine, but he has to get out there and talk about hillary clinton's record. we know mike pence will be going after him with hillary clinton's e-mails, the suggestion by certain republicans that the fbi and attorney general gave her a pass and what they perceive as criminal behavior and about clinton's stamina and health. is kaine prepared to take all of that on? >> yes, thomas, we expect all of that and then some probably. but i think the challenge tonight is going to be on mike pence. usually in these vice presidential debates, what the public is looking for is to see, are these people that can step into the shoes of the president if, god forbid, the worst happens and they have to assume the job. but in this case, the questions of fitness and qualification are being asked at the top of the
11:32 am
ticket, donald trump. mike pence can have the best performance of his life and it's not going to fix what ails the trump campaign. what ails trump is donald trump. i assume pence will have to answer questions about machado or if it's smart, brilliant, genius to avoid taking your taxes for eight years. i don't know how he's going to answer it. the question will be, will he leave donald trump twist negotiate wind there or will he defend him? we saw kelly ayotte have trouble answering for donald trump last night. think about the situation mike pence will have on his hands. >> it should be interesting. there are things pence can talk to that now your campaign is having to defend because we had bill clinton in michigan calling obamacare a crazy system and today in ohio he tried to clarify that obamacare did a world of good. those those comments will stick and create headlines. this-s this something tim kaine will have to respond to because
11:33 am
this is an easy opening for mike pence. >> the president has addressed that today. i think what he was saying yesterday is while the affordable care act has made great strides in terms of driving the number of uninsured to an historic low, there's still a long way to go in terms of remaining challenges we face that need to be improved. and that's why -- president obama has said that, too. what the president said yesterday is not that different from what president obama acknowledges himself. that's why hillary clinton has put forward plans to improve on the affordable care act. one of the chal enss we face is rising out-of-pocket costs for co-pays for prescription drugs. she offered a plan that would give you a tax credit to offset the out-of-pocket costs you face from prescription drugs and put forward other ideas from a medicare buy-in, private option on insurance exchanges with the goal of adding more competition to the marketplace to drive down costs. >> i want to take a look at
11:34 am
while that is policy information, we look at the most recent battleground polling. we have your candidate ahead in north carolina, pennsylvania, she's behind in ohio. trump is within striking distance in most of these states. trump has revived talk about yo candidate's paid speeches to wall street. here's donald trump last night calling on secretary clinton to release these transcripts. take a listen. >> while you've lost out, hillary clinton has raked in cash from her contributors. she and bill have made $150 million in speeches, and she's not a good speaker. it's amazing. i would like to see what the speeches said. she doesn't want to release them. release the papers, hillary. release those papers. >> so, brian, we are only four days into october and the trump campaign has had a lot of october surprises. are you anticipating that if any
11:35 am
of those speeches were made public, that that would hurt your candidate and lose her chance for the oval office? >> not at all, thomas. what she said in those speeches is consistent with what she says out on the campaign trail all the time. she -- >> why not take away -- why not take away that opportunity from donald trump to say your candidate isn't transparent, put those speeches out there? why not? bernie sanders asked for it during the primary. why not do it? >> well n terms of those speeches, who she spoke before and what she was paid for each of those speeches is something that's already been disclosed. if we do a tale of the tape here, i think it's amazing, that comment you just played from donald trump. he'salking about what further things hillary clinton needs to disclose. let's do a quick tale of the tape. however e-mails from tenure as secretary of state, tax returns going back to the late 1970s, all of our top fund-raisers on this campaign, all disclosed. there's nothing comparable on
11:36 am
donald trump's side. he's failed to meet the minimum yum threshold for usual disclosures that a presidential nominee makes. this is clearly, thomas, an attempt by him to distract from the heat he's taking over his tax returns. we learned this past weekend from one year's of returns, 1995, we learned the scale of almost that $1 billion loss he took in that year and the impact of avoiding attacks for up to 18 years. think about what we would learn if he released more recent years. this is his attempted to distract from his own lack of disclosure. >> brian fallon, appreciate your time. national press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign. we'll let you get back to work. we continue our work here live from longwood university. katy tur will join me from the campaign trail right after this.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. how about a poll head to
11:40 am
head with me and donald trump? how about a poll head to head with me and hillary clinton? i bet that would really be revealing. how about a poll with me on the top line, who will you vote for, johnson, trump or clinton? i think that would be really revealing. the fact i'm leading among independents, the fact i'm leading among young people and i've come from nowhere to lead among young people. >> there we had gary johnson speaking with my colleue andrea mitchell a short time ago. you are looking at pictures from longwood university. the wife of tim kaine will be on the stage walked by. we tried our loving best to get her to stop with us. the crowd even helped, the students here at longwood university. she gave us a nice wave and kept going. it's her husband's big night against mike pence. what are these students thinking about the race for the white house ahead of tonight's debate? my colleague had the opportunity to speak with some millennial women on campus.
11:41 am
when you came down to the crowd, they're going, hey, stephanie. >> these are my home girls. i spent the night at the alpha gamma delta sorority house. we played a little celebrity and we talked about what matters to them most. while i was surprised there were still some undecided voters, many of the women inspired by hillary clinton -- >> hold on one second. one second. tim kaine is walking in. do we have pictures? >> is he walking in? >> there we go. vice presidential nominee, tim kaine, arriving here on campus. as we said, we just saw his wife, ann, moments ago. doing his walk through to the debate stage. we know some students were filling in for pence and tim kaine earlier. again, we are over by hiner hall and willett hall is where the debate will be happening tonight. here is his suv, the motorcade and folks pulling out with him right now after doing a quick walk-through. this campus is a hub of activity for all of these kids.
11:42 am
this is the first time that the vice presidential debate has been held here before. farmville is a tiny hamlet inside of virginia. this campus was established in 19 1839. this is a big deal as they put longwood on the map. virginia is the home state of the senator, tim kaine. so, mike pence should be here shortly. we haven't seen him do his walk-through yet. we know they were checking out the debate stage as we're only only just hours away, a little over six, as when these two will face off tonight. there's pressure on both men to deliver for their candidates as we've seen the polling has gotten tight in swing states with hillary clinton dominating in many of those states and donald trump holding a lead in ohio. stephanie, forgive me. know you had the opportunity to speak with what both of these men are looking for tonight to secure elusive millin yan
11:43 am
voters, to secure millennial women that may not feel connected to the first presidential women nominee. >> many women i spoke to were proud, they were proud to see a woman on the ticket. but they still were undecided. they felt like they didn't have a keen enough understanding of the two platforms. what surprised me was that many said, well, they get a lot of their information from social immediate, yeah yet they didn't know the source, which was so interesting. as you know, there's a lot of organizations with an agenda. it was a great night i had with the ladies. a little game of celebrity. somebody won. not going to say who yet. but check it out. >> wow. here i am. a real life sorority. hi. >> hi. >> is there a chant? a cheer? what do you have? >> hey, alpha gamma delta!
11:44 am
>> ladies, i'm here, i'm at your house, your dojo. how about taking me inside. let's check it out. maybe a little board game or two. let's get crazy. in this game, it's going to be you guys against me. we are going to fill this bowl. we'll work on it right now, with names. can you put in here names anyone in the celebrity universe alive or dead. if you don't know who these people are or i don't know who these people are, i think it says a lot. ready, load them up. she's on the republican ticket, from the state of alaska -- >> supporting hillary now -- >> bernie sanders. >> he said he invented the internet. >> she got an oscar for "the blind side". >> sandra bullock. >> yes. >> she's the coo of facebook. >> cheryl sandberg. >> chris christie!
11:45 am
>> supreme court justice. >> ruth bader ginsburg, the notorious rbg. ladies, thank you. did you feel an emotional connection when hillary clinton got the nomination, whether or not you agree with her politics, the fact that it was the first woman being nominated to be the next president of the united states? did it affect you in any way? >> definitely. >> yeah. >> no doubt. >> i think it's okay if you don't personally support hillary clinton as a political candidate, but can you totally support her running as woman for president. >> but if you support someone, wouldn't that mean you're voting for them? >> not necessarily. for me personally, again, i have nothing against hillary clinton but i don't think that i'm personally voting for her. >> i'm going for hillary. >> i'm undecided. i don't know who i'm voting for yet and i think it comes down to this vice presidential debate. >> are there any donald trump
11:46 am
supporters here? >> how about your parents? >> oh, yes. >> really? >> donald trump avoided paying taxes. he did it completely legally but he was able to take advantage of lots and lots of loopholes. does that affect you in any way or is that just business? >> is it doesn't matter who you are, you're in the united states of america, you live here legally, you need to pay taxes. >> it says a lot about his priorities. >> do you feel the candidates have told you what they stand for? >> i only know from readsing social media. there was a cheat sheet i found once where it said, trump's viewses and hillary's views. >> when you look at something like that on social media, do you know who the source is? >> i would say most people assume it's news. >> there are some gray areas and you really have to do your research. >> a lot of people are excited about the idea of a third-party candidate, especially young people. >> people in my group don't support trump, don't support hillary so they're going for that third party. >> there are people out there
11:47 am
that don't just want this two-party system we seem to be focusing on. i think it would be great to have a third-party candidate. >> do you think you're going to vote? >> yes. >> i think everyone should vote. >> three, two, one. >> what goes down here? how do i get myself in trouble? ♪ >> so, stephanie did such a great job, she's basically an unofficial lancer now. even elwood. >> we met last night at the beer garden. we hit it off. >> we won't tell your husband. >> he might see it. >> this campus is almost 70% women, so having that opportunity to speak with young millennial folks about what they're looking for in a presidential candidate. it seems like a lot of them are still waiting to see what exactly the next 30 days will
11:48 am
bring. >> it was stirring that not a single woman in the room supported donald trump. it was a no way, jose. when i asked if their parents were, i heard, yes, yes, of course, of course. from generation to generation, it's so interesting. >> it is. >> he's feeling it. >> he's feeling it. you know why? because we have the vice presidential nominees on this campus today. we saw senator tim kaine doing his walk-through. we had video of him leaving. this was him right after getting that opportunity to see the stage. see the handler carrying a suit behind him. we'll see if that's on him tonight. how is the other side of the aisle ramping up for this evening's contest? katy tur joins us with our live coverage here, with elwood, with the lancers. we're here on longwood university's campus. don't go away. these goofy glasses. yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know.
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11:52 am
we have the excitement building here on the campus of longwood university where the wind is blowing my papers away. hi, everybody. if you can catch those scripts, i'd appreciate it. the lancers are giving me a big help here today. this is a beautiful day in virginia. a nice breeze. elwood is on site. yes,ive us a little wave, elwood. we only have less than -- a little over six hours now to go before miction pence and tim kaine square off and only 35 days to go until the presidential election. donald trump is headed to the grand canyon state. he'll be holding a rally coming up in prescott, arizona, 5:00 p.m. eastern today, and katy tur joins me now from that location. katy, this is normally a reliably red state. this time around it isn't. what is trump saying about the tragedy there? >> reporter: it's not as reliably red as it has been in the past. arizona has only voted for one democrat in the last 20 or more years, actually, that was bill
11:53 am
clinton. right now the polls have him and hillary clinton neck and neck. hillary clinton leading in one poll, down by one or two in another poll. donald trump has to find a way to keep this state red. instead of going to a county with maybe a higher minority population or a higher population of women, perhaps, he's going to a county predominantly white, 90% white. most people do not have a college degree, less than the national average. also people who make less than the national average. right now it's basically an arms race. can donald trump turn out more of his base. white men without a college degree than hillary clinton can turn out minorities and women. thomas? >> katy tur live in prescott, arizona. we know there was an appearance on campus of mike pence. we don't know if he's done his walk-through of that debate stage yet.
11:54 am
our special prime time coverage of the vice presidential debate begins with "meet the press daily" at 5:00 p.m. don't miss our telecast of this debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern, and followed with post-debate team in place at longwood university. we have more from the home of the lancers in farmville, virginia. the one and only vp debate just hours away. what do most of these kids know about who these vice presidential candidates are? are you ready for a pop quiz? yes! nothing better than being a teacher giving a pop quiz. back in a moment.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
so, we are back. a beautiful day here at longwood, university. a private college 65 miles west of richmond in virginia. it is the site of the big
11:58 am
face-off tonight between mike pence and tim kaine. the exclusive one and only shot these two men have to enhance and support the democratic and vice presidential tickets. who are these vice presidential candidates? we know bloomberg's all due respect team set out in times square to ask, who's pence, who's kaine? take a look. >> do you know who these guys are? >> no, i don't. >> any ideas? >> no. >> no? nothing? nothing? >> no. >> do you? >> no idea. >> that's mitt romney, i think. >> no, it's not mitt romney. >> what job do you think they have? >> probably a ceo. >> a ceo or -- >> newscaster. i don't know. >> do you know their names? >> yeah, kaine and -- oh, prince or something. >> do you know what his name is? >> pence. >> whoa! big time. >> i don't know who that one is.
11:59 am
>> tim kaine. >> oh, yeah, he had a pretty boring speech at a convention. >> that was a little take of what folks were asked in times square and how they reacted. i'm with students on longwood university. we're going to have a pop quiz. who is the governor of indiana? no cheating. mike pence. who is the former host of "american idol"? >> former host of -- ryan seacrest? >> there you go. okay. pop culture and politics wrapped up into one nice little package. elwood is going to monitor and protect kate snow, who is about to take over here in just a couple minutes. as you yell, wait a minute. >> wait a second! >> wait a minute. >> you know what happened? you almost got them going down the back of my dress. >> it's cable, folks. what do you say to that? it's a cable moment. >> it's all good. elwood is here to protect you.
12:00 pm
i appreciate your time. i'm thomas roberts and kate snow. hey, elwood, what's up, bud? kate snow is ready to go. >> i'll pick it up right now. thanks, thomas. good afternoon, everyone. i am kate snow. this is beautiful farmville, virginia. it's a small community. it's about an hour's drive from richmond, virginia. longwood university, one of the 100 oldest schools in america. that's where we are today. the civil war actually ended right here on this campus. and now more than 150 years later, longwood university again, the center of american political life, at least for a day. the vice presidential debate starts here in six hours from now. let's begin it all with katy tur, she's out with donald trump in arizona. where he'll be later tonight. tell me what's up with donald trump and what he's anticipating from mike pence. >> reporter: well, he assumes pence will be doing well against kaine, that's what theam


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